November + December - 2015
Extracts from, It Fell From an Unknown Height

The needle on the lecky meter creeps ever closer to the end so I cautiously stop the kettle from finishing a full boil. I can't let the electricity in the flat run out. It's morning and I must have my cup of tea. I must wash and purge my mouth of the remnants of the night. I cannot even begin to bring any thoughts to order until I have done this and have that cup in front of me.

Decide to concentrate my efforts back on events. As said previously, I have stalled on the projects, so the events will continue to give me something to get out there for.

Events and the crowds that form within them, are perfect scenarios under which to practice and perfect compositional, spacing and arrangement ideas. They don't always work out - you have to get in front of people a lot of the time and mostly people linger and do very little. I don't regard myself as one of those photographers that seeks out something humorous to happen before me or for some clever juxtapositions to start clicking into place - I simply like to capture how things are to me, how I have witnessed them, in the best possible manner that I can. Having said this however, I will not rule out the unusual - in fact, I welcome it as an element to a scene.

What I do realise, and it's something that I have known all along, and that is with regard to finding out that the things or projects that I want to take on, and subsequently finding out that they have already been documented, well, it's to just do them anyway, and to do them in my own way - and when I say in my own way, I'm not talking about bringing a new view or style to the table, I am simply saying, 'This is my take on what I saw today.' And nothing more. People have been documenting the English and the British for God knows how long - that doesn't mean that I cannot, even if it means that the subject and content may be the same. It'll still be my interpretation, my witness to and my documentation of such things. And I have to carry that thought into everything that I do. Because everything's been done.

So okay then.

More and more they turn. More and more they finally let go. Light from across the way that was behind the shield of leaves eventually becomes prominent. A fine mist settles bringing with it a sharpness to the air. More and more they fall; last, the leaves of autumn surrender in a riot of spirals.