January - 2017
Extracts from, It Fell From an Unknown Height

The mould in the bathroom persists, as it does on the frames of the windows and the skirting around the base of the shower; the heating comes on twice a day if we're lucky, and if we're luckier, the hot water will stay on long enough to wash the soap and shampoo off in a shower. The last couple of Winter's have been pretty mild, with only the occasional dip into minus figures during the night, but nothing to be concerned about. It's almost Spring. Soon, the first official day of Summer will arrive and with it, my plans to start other parts and aspects of a project will be looked into more extensively and I'll decide on what it is that I need to do. I like to plan things. I like to have the year mapped out. From planning, I can roughly gauge how long things may take and how much it may cost. I often plan my photographic outings with as much detail about an event at a particular location that I am preparing to go and photograph, that I possibly can - in that half hour before I actually run out the flat. This means I have to do as little roaming as possible and allowing myself to be in the position where I am not at a complete loss. 

There's no right or wrong when heading out to photograph something, although purists will try to tell you otherwise - I just simply work in whatever way feels comfortable for me in whatever it is that I am trying to achieve. Sometimes it's nice to simply go along and see how things are and have an element of spontaneity about it all, in what it is that I get to see, but quite often, and because I tend to work pretty quickly, I'll spend half an hour having a look at what has been taken of the event in the past by others and where they were placed.

Then I'll Google Map the shit out of the location so I'm not fucking around with myself once there. I'd like to get myself in a position where I am at ease and at comfort with both myself and what I'm doing. At the moment, I am not. At the moment I am at a complete and utter fucking loss. And in that, I'm leaving myself open to making stupid decisions, lazy decisions and making mistakes, in both my work and in my personal life.

It's pretty cold but I know where I'm heading. A small crowd gathers outside an old admiralty building, so I guess it's all going to kick-off there. After a while, various people dressed in different stage attire come out and prepare. There's not much to photograph so I sneak inside where most of the people are getting changed and ready with their horse costumes. I'm still not comfortable with what's on offer and those that do see me, want to pose for me.
I take their photograph but wait for them to get back to their thing before grabbing a shot I may actually want. It's meant to be a race, but it's more of a procession - a 50 meter walk with trumpets and people dressed up. It draws a crowd of a few hundred and so I jostle for position at the front. I didn't get anything, at least, nothing I am happy with. Next year.


I had pretty much resigned myself to having finished the project after photographing different protests in London over six years - I'd started to look through all the photographs again, discard some, adds others, generally try to have four from each outing. From there, the plan this year is to produce a zine. I'm going to put the titles back in but use thick black marker pen, something that will reflect the nature of the signs and wall-writings I have seen that were
done by hand. The colour scheme throughout (red and black) is a reflection of the anarchist's flag that I saw many times. I have a test print of the zine arriving soon and once I have marked it with ink etc, I'll update the video and add a buy button for anyone that wants a copy.