April - 2018
Extracts from, It Fell From an Unknown Height

Getting back on the street.

New Balance are fucking my feet up. An hour into a walk around the city and I’m wrecked. The sun is out and it’s become unbearably hot; this is most likely to be a brief interlude in a taste of what we may get come summer. It certainly feels like summer, but it is not. Next week it’s going to be fucking freezing again. I walk my usual loop, starting at Tottenham Court Road and taking a leisurely pace to Marble Arch. From there I cut down various roads and paths to end up back at Tottenham Court Road. This is one of several ‘tourist’ routes that I walk when I’m feeling slightly dejected. I say tourist, in that they’re the only kinda people you see along this route, save for the odd local who tends to stick out the crowd a bit. And they’re always in a hurry, like they’re trying to get the fuck away from there as quickly as they can. Keeping the sun behind me I make the route three times before heading off. I’m not exactly sure what I was after. And that’s good. I’ve been so used to knowing exactly where I need to be that it’s quite refreshing not knowing what may present itself to me. Of course, I’m pretty shit at this game and keep trying but I do have a few things in mind that I’d like and always hope to get, but mostly, it’s all blind chance. I think if anything, I’m hoping to inject a bit more colour and shape into my work. I feel I’ve neglected it for a while.

SnappySnaps isn’t really the place where I would normally get my rolls of film developed but sometimes I pop in with the odd roll; they’re always pleasant and friendly and their prices weren’t too bad until they put them up. This was a head-office management decision and it’s killed off any hopes of me returning. With a roll now costing £9.00 to get developed there ($12.25USD / $15.75CAD / $16.36AUD ), I simply can no longer justify using them any longer. They were very apologetic and the price-hike wasn’t something they’d done themselves. I felt bad for them. I know it’ll kill developing there. I have a place that I have used where I send out my film to and their turnaround is quick, the service great and the prices less than half of that of SnappySnaps; I really don’t have a choice. As impatient as I am, I’ve never minded the wait when it comes to the development and returning of my film.

Tiddlywink Championships.

Part of my project ‘Hope and Glory’ is to photograph many of the different championship events that take place in England. The championships are of events that most people wouldn’t ordinarilly know about nor expect there to be. Some of the events will be known, but that there are championships held in that particular activity, I doubt many would ever come to think about them, which is what appeals to me.

The tiddlywink championships is held and practiced in Cambridge. Originally played competiviely between the two prominant universities, Cambridge and Oxford, the event has since dwindled from its heyday in the 50s and 60s and only a collected few now remain whom continue play it and challenge one another annually.

I’d never been to Cambridge before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Of the various colleges that make up the university, the championship on this day was held at the very pretty and extremely picturesque Downing College. The setup within used a couple of adjacent rooms where a number of tables were arranged for games. I arrived roughly two hours into the matches and upon being welcomed, I was told that I could pretty much do as I please, which is always nice to hear at events. So I began to take some shots. I put the sun at my back, set my aperture to as wide as I dare and got stuck in.

Normally at events, I’d stay for an hour maximum before leaving but this time I wanted to get into the habit of hanging around longer and since I had travelled by train up from London and it was a nice day, I didn’t really rush myself.

I felt slightly out of place as there were the odd ex-professor playing, someone who went to M.I.T and others of various achedemic distinction and although I felt somewhat intimidated by all that brain, they went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. In all, I only managed to get through 1 1/2 rolls of film but I ended up staying for about five hours, which was great. I hope to return on one day.

I Love London

I can’t seem to make sense or order of this fucking project. I’ve got a lot of photographs but show hardly any of them. I can’t seem to make any clear decision on how to present them. Maybe I shouldn’t be so fucking hung up on presentation and just bloody show them. It makes me increasingly uneasy that the project is in such a bad state - like the feeling you get when there’s a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and you can’t be arsed to wash them; you know you should, but you don’t. I Love London is the dirty dish of my work. Fuck it, I’ll clean it next year.

As for my work as a whole ... none of it seems right. It all feels so, childish and remedial. It doesn’t feel or look ‘grown up’, as it were. I want to make something that has real meaning; photograph something that really strikes a chord and makes a statement. None of my work really succeeds in any of that and knowing that plagues my thoughts on photography, my own photography, daily.

I could have purchased the book through Amazon, but I thought I’d support my often-visited Waterstones bookshop. I did this for a number of reasons: one, because I actually like Waterstones, and they have a pretty decent card scheme with accumulated points that can be used for money off a future purchase and the point system is actually quite generous. I also like being physically in the place itself; it’s nice to pop in if I ever decide to get some rolls developed quickly at SnappySnaps a few doors down. However, I’d ordered David Hurn’s book, ‘On Being a Photographer’ a year ago and they never got back to me. I popped in again and aquired about it once more and they said that their Manchester store had it in stock and that they’d get them to send it down to Covent Garden and when there, they’d contact me to collect it, which they did, and which I went in to collect. However, on getting there and asking for my book, it turns out they simply couldn’t find it. My guess is, is that they sold it. But to stand around for 30 minutes whilst they hunted for it was pretty crappy and knowing I could have got the book cheaper and with less hassle over the internet, it made me realise the conveniece of Amazon. I have no choice but to get it online now, and that’s fine, but I wanted to support the store and I wanted my god damned fucking points.

Book of interest this month
- Book purchase - Larry Sultan’s, The Valley.
( I’ve wanted this for years!) - ) - Amazon