From Liverpool.
Lives in London.

B.A., Animation, Wolverhampton University, 2004.

I grew up predominantly in the Black Country, an area in the middle of England; home to the Industrial Revolution. It was there that I went to college to study painting before graduating with a 1st class honours degree in animation. At the back end of 2010 I decided to turn down a place in London to pursue a master's degree in writing having decided to take up photography instead.

My practice began with street photography, influenced heavily by the work of Tony Ray-Jones and old Butlin’s postcards - wonderfully colourful and beautifully composed works produced by the John Hinde Company during the 60s, 70s and 80s - before taking on a more journalistic and documentary approach to the craft. 

I am currently working on a number of personal projects, slowly working my way through the creative progression in photography. I enjoy the pursuit of a standard, the process, the research and development, but ultimately in the eventual implementation of ideas.

My primary focus throughout all of my photographic endeavours is to capture and document people; their customs, their traditions, their way of life - what people do and how they go about doing it.