Over the years, I've been slowly collecting photographs; trawling through boxes at markets - old Kodachrome negatives that happened to have caught my eye or simply exposed rolls of 35 and 120 film that I acquired over the years as the internet came into being that I thought I'd get developed and see what lay within on the celluloid. The majority of those that I collected were not of much to look at, but I slowly began to find interest in the simple everyday snapshots within someone's home , or around a dinner table; the preparations of a wedding or simple portraits taken in the street outside what I imagined to be the family home. I came to love sitting for hours, flicking through the snapshots or seeing what was hidden on a roll of film - to sit and wonder about all those lives, most of which I imagined were probably long gone. I knew nothing of them, these people, forever in my possession until the day comes when they once more end up in some box at market after I too am long gone; I imagine what may have been happening on those days in the photographs - how things have changed for those that may still be here. It's nice to wonder and invent the days contained within them.