I am a photographer by day, hotel porter by night. My background is in painting and in 2004 I graduated with a 1st Class honours degree in animation. At the back end of 2010 I turned down a place in London to do a Master's in Writing having decided to take up photography instead.

I initially started out practicing street photography influenced heavily by the works of Tony Ray-Jones, the postcards of John Hinde and the work of Martin Parr. I used what I learned in that genre as a basis and foundation for how I work and practice on most of my long-term projects, the first of which was to document various protests that take place in London on a regular basis.

I enjoy the constant personal progression in photography and the pursuit of a standard I seek to constantly employ, but above all, I thrive in the process, in the research and development, and in the eventual implementation of ideas.

My primary focus within photography is to capture and document people; their customs, their traditions, their way of life - what people do and how they go about doing it.

Star Maker

Published: 1937
ISBN: 1-85798-807-8
Pages: 339
Genre: Science fiction
Olaf Stapledon

Born: 10 May 1886
Died: 6 September 1950
Cheshire, England, UK
Science fiction, Philosophy
Other Works

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