January - 2016
Extracts from, It Fell From an Unknown Height

Had it not been for the fact that I have have no money, I'd have held onto it - but put simply, I can no longer afford to sustain my work in film. Having to go back to digital photography came with a little sadness, but to be honest, I'm a little far beyond caring what I now shoot with ... as long as I can shoot, I'm okay. I do miss it though - the wait, the results, the scan .... the patience on scene - the knowing I am limited, so to take my time. And of course, there's the look of the film, of the expired rolls that contained whatever elements of degraded surprises and decay.

Seeing how I have become a little more controlled and that I take my time a little more when photographing, the same can be said of my actual need to get out there. Of course, there's always a want and desire to be out there all the time; in a perfect world, that would be magic, but I don't actually need to be out there constantly - and this falls in perfectly with the things that I choose to photograph. I don't need to find events every week - the events that I do choose to photograph, say for my Hope and Glory project, well, I get about two a month that I may want to shoot. So it all kind of fits in for me at the moment. Having said this, if I were only doing this, as a job, as someone up there of note, then I may go about things a little differently.

The clowns church service is one of the things that I had wanted to see and photograph for a couple of years now, but had either missed or had something else on at the time. This year I made a note of it in my calendar and made sure I would check it out. It was as I had expected - clowns in a church and more than enough opportunity to get some shots. Easy pickings really. However, I'm not one to want to photograph the actual event, so I floated around outside the church and was lucky enough to find the building where the clowns were getting ready. This, for me, was more interesting and alluring than the main event itself. I've always had that fascination with being backstage, of people getting ready, of wanting to capture their anticipation and nervousness maybe, before a performance. For me, a performance is a performance, and as nice as it is, well, we've all seen it before - but that anticipation in the preparation and set-up ... I find it offers up a little bit more of the person behind masks and make-up.