Precipice (2011 - on-going)

Starting in 2011 with a Workfare protest along Oxford Street, Precipice is a personal document that focuses on the varying protests and demonstrations that take place in London on a regular basis. My intention for this series is not necessarily based on wanting to capture the conflict that can often occur between protesters and the authorities, but to show the coming together of people for many different causes. Along with the various rallies and marches I attended several 'Occupations' that took place; the locations, people, scrawls, leaflets and literature I came across, collected and photographed.

NHS Demo, February 2018. - Women's March on London, January 2017. - Trump inauguration protest, US Embassy, 2017. - Burkini Ban Protest, French Embassy, 2016. - Anti Brexit / Pro-EU rallies, 2016

- Black Lives Matter, 2016. - Refugees Welcome, 2015 - Student fees demo, 2014 - Thatcher's death rally, Trafalgar Square, April 2013 - Occupy - The Hobo Hilton - 2012 #demo2012, Educate.Employ.Empower. 2012 - Occupy - Bank of Ideas - 2012 - Occupy London, St. Paul's Cathedral, October 2011 - Workfare Protest, 2011