From Liverpool.
Lives in London.

fairhurstphoto at gmail dot com

+44 7716-252-032 / 07716-353-032

B.A., Animation, Wolverhampton University, 2004.

I grew up predominantly in the Black Country, an area in the middle of England; home to the Industrial Revolution. It was there that I went to college to study painting before graduating with a 1st class honours degree in animation. At the back end of 2010 I decided to turn down a place in London to pursue a master's degree in writing having decided to take up photography instead.

My practice began with street photography, influenced heavily by the work of Tony Ray-Jones, Lars Tunbjork and old Butlin’s postcards - wonderfully colourful and beautifully composed works produced by the John Hinde Company during the 60s, 70s and 80s - before taking on a more journalistic and documentary approach to the craft.

Another influence that features predominantly  throughout my work is that of the Renaissance,  where subjects are often filling the entire canvass, and there’s a heavy focus on humanity, oftentimes with a central figure; where once Gods were dipicted and shown to be worshiped in paintings, this period shifted its focus on to the people instead - of the people and of humanity itself, and it’s this undertaking in the construction of a scene that lays at the heart in much of what I photograph ... it is this idea and principle that I constantly seek to attain. 

I am currently working on a number of personal projects, slowly working my way through the creative progression in photography. I enjoy the pursuit of a standard, the process, the research and development, but ultimately in the eventual implementation of ideas.

I have also been putting together a scrapbook for a number of years, mostly made up of b-side photographs that I have taken over time; photographs collected and found, and also extracts from my written journal that I started when I began all this in 2011.

My primary focus throughout all of my photographic endeavours is to capture and document people; their customs, their traditions, their way of life - what people do and how they go about doing it.