Down to The Woods is a series of photographs that link directly in content and theme to certain fables and stories. Quite often in street photography, photographs can amass that show a distinct characteristic; they can quite often show and depict the same thing: the place, the gesture, the tone, the light or simply the colour and attire of individuals. Down to The Woods collects these images and puts them into a category to fit a fable, from which the collected images are inspired as a whole. Whilst I use whatever photographs I have taken to depict the characters in the fables, I have found it fun to alter the narritive somewhat from the original story.  

1. Red Riding Hood - Red Riding Hood left the comfort of the woods behind and decided to live in the concrete wilds of London city. She soon found that she was not able to fit in and didn’t belong. Unable to make any friends of note and quick to become penniless having spent her worth on the spoils of the city, she declined into addiction and spiraled into a world of anarchy and sleeze in her old age. On the run from a strip-club owner to whom she owes money, Red Riding Hood’s whereabouts are currently unknown although recent reports suggest she may be in Romania. Her innoncence was crushed and her soul corrupted by a city she thought would save her.