F R O M  B E H I N D
( 2013 - 2019 )

This small series of photographs documents the perspective from a behind-the-scenes, backstage point of view from various events and performances. People transform themselves in front of me; they are aware of my presence and I wonder what is going on in their minds; do they think of other places as make-up is being applied, stockings pulled up to the thigh, instruments tuned; are they numb to the monotony of getting ready, of the performance and the show. What nervousness can I see, what more is there to witness than that of simple preparation - there has to be more ... banter and laughter resonates, friendships and bonds, togetherness in the simple act of helping one-another out - to tie someone's ribbons, help with a collar, pour the next cup of coffee or booze. The beautiful transition from one state to another, emotional ranges from the rigid and nervous to the excited and drunk, all there for me backstage as I hide behind another clothes stand, making my photographs as it all unfolds under that one solitary umbrella.