Scrapbook // Guidebook
(2012 - Ongoing)

The I Love London scrapbook-come-guidebook is a project I started in 2012 and will eventually come together to form an online document of the city in various aspects and depictions.

The project explores the city as a destination, showing the most commonly visited tourist spots in the city and the visitors that frequent them. The project looks at consumerism within the capital, including retail, cuisine, souvenirs and waste generation. An ever-evolving city, a city being constantly 'fixed', we take a look at frontages and facades both old and new; at what is being torn down and the buildings that are erected in their place. Also shown and documented are what parks and recreational areas are made available within the city for both tourist and locals alike; the beauty of them as a whole in opposition to what is often regarded as a deeply crowded and congested city, with little area to relax and play. These areas are shown in the manner of postcards. And finally, the project documents The Thames River; the once mighty industrious vein of London and the areas immediately surrounding it as it passes through the city, before reaching the North Sea. Sections from my personal journal written during the time of making the project are included in the work.