I made this album during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom at the beginning of December 2020. Its creation was born out of a need to maintain routine, keep creative processes alive but above all, to learn something completely new and come up with a finished product at the end of the learning process - and whilst I believe a learning process is a constant no matter what the endeavour, this is something I managed to learn from scratch and complete.

The finsished product comes in the form of a music cassette and is also available to download free from my Bandcamp page.

The title of this album is named after the speed needed to be reached in order to travel through time as depicted in the Back to the Future movies. The tracks on this album were influenced by the films I grew up with during the 1980s.

The second EP I am currently working on through May 2021 puts more weight into the 80s synth pop than the first album and again is influenced heavily by 80s synth sound and inspired by charcters in films of the period.

My third EP, ‘PreFlight’, inspired by the Apollo 11 launch, tracks the moments before launch up to liftoff. Track titles are taken from the callouts made by the flight director during the flight launch sequence close to liftoff. Tracks run from 100bpm at the beginning, culminating at 140bpm for the final track, 'Liftoff'.