This isn’t so much a b-side display of work, but more of a place to dump photographs I have taken whilst out and about in various places in London and beyond that are most likely not to be used for anything.

The photographs here allow me to take a look at what it is that I am oftentimes wasting frames of film on; to see some slight progression perhaps or what it is that caught my eye on a whim. Most times here, I have failed in some form or another - be it a slightly missed moment, composition and framing slightly off, or just simply an all out shitty shot.

I’m largely attracted to anything and everything, but looking through the scrapbook of rejected work, I am best able to see what I may be interested in over other things. Anything can catch my eye and trigger a response - be it a play of light, a dance of shadows, a simple construct and composition of a body of people.

Most, if not all of the work here, in some form or another, has no place, or rather, doesn’t fit into the overall vision I’d had whilst shooting for a particular project or series. Still, it’s sometimes nice to go over old work and rejected work and reflect on my personal process and the evolution of it over time.

I imagine that I’ll be adding to this page a lot.