S U P E R F A N S - 2013 / 15 / 16 / 18.

The rise of Comic-Con' (Comic Book Convention) has grown exponentially in the last ten years, from what used to be the coming together of local comic book collectors who met to collect, share and buy comics during the 70s in San Diego, to an annual global event taking place in cities all over the world.  Although the fundamental nature of a Comic Con' remains the same in terms of being a place where products are sold, the conventions have increasingly become a meeting place for fans of all things superhero and other genre's in both comic book, film and writing; a place they can come together to share in their otherworldly passions. And for many, that means to dress up (cosplay).

C O M I C B O O K  Z I N E

This five-year project ends with the production of a standard U.S. sized comicbook-zine; 76 photographs spread over 34 pages and comes with 8 portraiture prints, an A4 mini-poster and a superhero sticker.


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