This series of photographs were taken during my time on night shifts in London, work I have done, on and off, over the last 20 years. As I got more and more into photography, I found that my only opportunities to make photographs during these periods of night shift work, was on my way to, whilst on, and on my way home from the shifts.

I - to the shift // II - at // III - from

Backstage at a burlesque show in London in 2013 for  my on-going project From Behind.

This was my first outing for the project that takes a look at various events from a backstage perspective. If I could do my time over again at this event, I’d probably photograph it in a different way and manner. My ideas and ways have altered ever-so slightly in the five years since this night. It was fun all the same.

Playing around with the idea of focussing my attention on one single pub in London and documenting the shenanigans that go on within it. Not sure if I’ll continue on with the idea.

The coming together of people is something that has always fascinated me and the pub seems like one of the best places to capture this.

London Fashion Week, 2013.

My first look at fashion week was in 2013. Back then there weren’t so many photographers hanging around outside; the odd blogger here and there. Now, LFW is pretty crowded and everyone and their grandmother seem hellbent on getting shots.

My first visit saw me simply asking those who were passing by me to pose in front of a dark wall. Most were happy to do so.

NHS at 70 - 2018

Photographs taken during a rally against budget cuts in the NHS and also to mark the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service in the UK..

This was for part of my series on demonstrations and protests in London. You can see the series here.

Making Milk

A quick attempt to produce a self published book of my project, MILK.

The initial idea in 2014 was to make a bible style book with thin pages with the images within - everything about the book to be designed and based on a real bible, but as I was making it by myself, I was limited to what I could actually come up with.

Whilst the finished book is okay, I would still like to go back to it at some point and come up with a book based on my original and intended idea from 2014.

London Fashion Week 2016

For my ongoing series From Behind, this time I wanted to take a deeper look into the London Fashion Week event that I had been to on a number of occasions, only from the perspective of being outside. I managed to get myself into London School of Arts Master’s degree fashion event and made some photographs from backstage. Similarly, as with other events, I’d probably produce different work at the same event should I ever decide to take another look.

After a night shift. - 2014

Having worked night shifts for most of my life, I found most of my available time to make photographs were on my way to work, whilst at work and on the morning after the shift. Here I am making some shots after a night shift. I decided to head out and take a look at the opening of a Martin Parr and Tony Ray-Jones exhibition before heading home and crashing into bed.

Tiddlywinks - 2017.

For part of my project Hope and Glory, a series of images that takes a look at different competitions, championships and celebrations in England, I took myself to Cambridge for the annual tiddlywink championships. I had a great day out in the city, my first ever visit and had a lovely time with the people attending the championships.

Leicester Square Station

A lot of street photographers tend to have certain spots in various places that they like to revisit or hang around as there’s generally some form of potential in such spots in whatever forms that may be. I have various spots around London that I like to revisit over and over again - some are along one or two streets, some are the corners of streets that I have taken a fancy to and some are outside various stations in city. I pick the areas because they offer me certain elements that I am attracted to, be it a strong sense of light and shadow play or an influx of people or a combination of many things that I am interested in.

Plane Spotting

For my project, Avocations, that focuses on different hobbies and pastimes, I decided to test out 6x6 medium format and purchased a pretty cheap camera to see how I would feel composing in square format. I was pretty pleased with the results and also the results of a £25 6x6 camera.

The project itself is taking time and I’ve never minded when things take time to accomplish - as long as I end up with a finished body of work that resembles my original vision, I’m happy to let things sit and linger for as long as it takes.

Exploring London and thoughts