I LOVE LONDON is a project comprising of a number of small series each dedicated to showing the different areas of tourism in the city of London. Conceptualised in 2012, the project is on-going; photographs are put up or taken down on a weekly basis ... its present state may not necessarily reflect the final piece.

The first section of the project is EAT. It is here that I explore the many things that are offered to the tourist and how it is utilised and consumed; hotels, food and travel options. This series will also cover what waste is generated.

DRINK is series of work that explores how both the visitor and those that live in the city, co-ordinate and best make use of their space and place in an overwhelmingly crowded city. To begin, I have explored how space is best utilised on the streets, but will eventually move on to documenting living conditions.

The third part of the project deals with retail, spending and consumerism. LOVE also explores how the city sells itself, and to what extent it will do so in order to make a visitor part with their money. It also covers those that come to London to spend in many of the shopping districts.

PLAY is the forth part of the project and covers many of the destinations within London that are available for a visitor to visit. This part of the project reflects the end result of the 'hard-sell'. It also covers people going about the places in London that are most likely going to form part of their own photo-album to take away.

An appendix will take a look at the machine and the system behind the city; the operation and mechanics that make it all work and more importantly, at those that drive the city forward - the workers, most notably those that come from other parts of the world to work in London.

A book will eventually be produced of 'I LOVE LONDON'. This will come in the form of a ring binder under the illusion of a standard tourist's city guide; its presentation influenced by the Literature for the ATP Standard Mechanical Training course. Contained within will be each photographic series, sectioned off with tab dividers, an introduction and an illustrative fold out map for each, showing the places that I covered in London for each part. Other forms of visitor ephemera will be created and included in this 'I LOVE LONDON' manual/guide.