Hope and Glory is an on-going project started in 2014 documenting life in England; the many facets and characteristics that make up the English.

Included in 'Hope and Glory', will be events and gatherings that take place that may not be exclusively practised in England, but show the people of a nation going about them; competitions, displays, hobbies. This section is called, 'HOPE'.

It is not my intention to document the English drunk or show the bad behaviour of a nation (all nations are guilty of that); although elements of it may be included ... it is my aim for this part to cover the basic characteristics of the English. This section will also cover a nation at leisure and play and is called, 'AND'.

The project's main ambition is to cover as many of the long established customs and traditions that take place - to explore if any of the older one's still exist and are practised, and also to document people in celebration. This section is called,'GLORY.'

The very nature of the events, and that through progression and change both socially and economically, the English do most things with one hand on the past ... and it is this, and hopefully always will be, the fundamental foundation of this work.

The title of this work is derived from one of the unofficial songs that is often used as the English National Anthem, 'Land of Hope And Glory.'

This work is on-going and photographs shown may not necessarily be an indication of the final piece.

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